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Just appraise love #BruceSpringsteen

“In 1987, Springsteen released one of his greatest compositions, “Tougher Than The Rest.” Springsteen sings the simultaneously steely and sweet lyrics in his husky voice. Interspersed with the live concert footage are images of couples kissing and holding hands. Many of the couples are gay.

Not only does the video assign equal attention and value to heterosexual and homosexual relationships, it appraises the love between gay people according to the same standards as it does Springsteen’s own romance. The live footage is most memorable for the way in which he, and his backup singer and soon-to-be wife, Patti Scialfa, gaze into each others’ eyes. Their sexual fire is hot enough to melt the monitor. The energy and intensity of gay attraction and affection is no different – better or worse – than the lust and love Springsteen shares with his girlfriend”.
David Masciotra



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